This is truly a one-on-one, personalised experience. We create tailored and specific individual workouts to fulfil your needs, ensuring you are given the ideal workout plan most suited to your individual body type, personality and fitness goals.

  • There’s a training plan to suit everyones needs, from single sessions up to packs of 20. 

  • Agree session times in advance to suit your schedule, and access online from all of your favourite devices, wherever you like.

  • Private sessions will give you the results you want, and will have you feeling great in no time!


What people are saying...


"I was seeing Karen for 18 months on a weekly basis, focusing on strength and weight bearing exercises. I absolutely loved my sessions with Karen and, for the first time in my life, I looked forward to exercising. Karen always made my sessions fun, different and focused. Over time I could feel myself getting stronger and I even developed the confidence to work out on my own more. When I was injured Karen tailored my training to a more pilates approach and I was delighted to still be able to work out and feel good about myself. She always had my interests at heart and was fully aware of any health conditions and issues I had, ensuring each session was effective and purposeful, personalised to me. I really miss training with Karen!"

Vicky - Private Client


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